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You shouldn't get caught out in the hot sun or rain again. All the range of the moment is the vehicle-mounted awnings because they are very easy to set up. For a wide range of waterproof awnings, of different sizes such that they can fit the roof rack of your car regardless of its type, 4WD Supercenter guarantees you vehicle awnings that meet all your camping demands. Their vehicle awnings are strong, waterproof and very light-weighted. Above all, they are sensational to your money value; the awning can serve you for quite some time meaning you don't have to keep on buying a new one every time you have a trip. 


As you make your purchase, is wise to make sure that the awnings are built with a tough aluminum frame, very strong nails such that they will provide full rain or sun protection wherever you pull them up. It is no wonder you see seasoned campers' vehicle mounted with 4WD Supercenter awnings; they know the value which they get from these high-quality vehicle awnings.  


Your choice of vehicle awning should also give you unbeatable value for money. In other words, you have to go for top brands that many families rely on for protection from all extremities of weather conditions all the way from scorching summer sun to the beating rain to everything else that harsh weather condition could throw to you.


Additionally, you should make sure that the awnings are covered with a ripstop weave of a very high quality-waterproof polyester fabric which is both lightweight, waterproof and can tolerate continuous heavy downpour without leaking or soaking up. It is also less likely to get moldy or rot. The waterproof polyester fabric is robust enough to withstand all sorts of abuses and prevent any tears and rips to either start or spread.


 It is also wise to go for vehicle awnings which are fully tested for UV protection quality; it should have the highest rating-UPF50+ which means more than 97% of the UV rays are blocked from passing to you through the fabric. These are the awesome features that customers count on 4WD Supercenter vehicle awnings no matter the extremities of the weather.


To season it all, 4WD Supercenter has various accessories that perfectly suit campers in enhancing their campsite set up. You just need to give them a call, and their experts will take you through different vehicle awnings which can amplify the camping comfort and convenience at the most affordable cost. Discover more...


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